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We're a Southern Arizona-based economic research firm supporting local and regional economic development efforts, residential and commercial real estate development, business site selection, feasibility analysis, business plan development, business and public policy decision making, nonprofit mission and service development, marketing, and general research needs anywhere in the United States. Our main focus is rural and developing communities and our goal is to make research, information, data, and statistics affordable and available to all communities.

Our Products


Asset inventories
Business research
Custom-designed research projects and studies

Data libraries
Demographic studies
Economic analysis and forecasting

Economic development websites
​Economic impact studies

Economic research centers
​Economic review publications

Event impact studies
Fiscal impact studies
Focus groups
Labor market analysis
Market area analysis
Needs assessment surveys
Population studies and projections
Poverty research
Public policy research
Research for business plan development
Research support to grant writing
Social-problem research

Spending impact studies
Statistical abstracts
Statistical analysis and forecasting
Surveys (opinion, customer satisfaction, etc.)
​Trend analysis and forecasting
Target industry analysis

We Love Data


Our ED Websites division offers actively managed, data-rich economic development websites for just $799 a year with no startup costs

Our ED Assets division specializes in web-based economic development asset inventories for just $299 a year (providing key information, data & statistics, including population, demographics, age groups, income levels, educational attainment, poverty rates, labor force, employment, workforce by occupation and industry, housing units, commercial properties for sale, planning & zoning resources, hotels, restaurants, K-12 and higher education opportunities, health care providers, weather, climate, visitor information, homes for sale, land for sale, transportation infrastructure, distance to major metro markets, utility and telecom providers, incentives, taxes, regulation, financial services, census data, maps & more)

Economic development website with fully integrated asset inventory for just $999 a year (savings of $99 annually)

Free Images of Rural & Small-town America

Check out Ruralpix, our latest launch! Images of rural and small-town America free for commercial and noncommercial use. No source citation requirements or complicated licensing agreements! New locations and images added all the time! 

Research Centers

Community Economic Research Centers

Contact Us to learn how we can set up and run your community's economic research center (check out this sample)

Cochise Economic Research Center


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Bringing affordable economic development and research support to all communities

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President & Chief Economist


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